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Terms of use

"ShareShare" is a property information search site support aimed at improving the life style of the new forms of housing, such as a guest house share Room Share House share Share Share Inc., operated by the living. Please read carefully on the following Terms and Conditions, your acceptance, Terms of Use of this site, please use.

Article 1: Terms and Conditions apply

  • Shall be applied to all users to take advantage of (. Shall also include a range of services below are provided on this site) this site, these Terms and users, to use this site Agree to Terms I suppose things.
  • The Company, if such precautions presented in this site (. Hereinafter referred to as "precautions") exists, and precautions shall constitute part of this Agreement, respectively.
  • We regard you agree with the Terms and Conditions that the user has to use this site.

Article 2: Copyright etc.

  • User shall for all content provided through this site should not be used beyond the scope of the private use of the individual user to the provisions of the Copyright Act, without the prior consent of the Company.
  • If there is a dispute in violation of the provisions of this section, User shall at its own expense and responsibility, as well as resolve the dispute, without any damage to the Company and third parties.

Article 3: Notification of change matters

If there has been any change to the registration details, Member shall change in accordance with the procedures of this site, notify the Site immediately.

Article 4: Revocation of membership

If a member falls under any of the following items, this site, it is assumed that it is possible to cancel the membership or stop the use of this service without prior notice.

  • If you have committed an act of "Article 5: Prohibited acts of user"
  • If the content of this site Register, was found illegal, such as false
  • If a long period of time, the member was not performed or login (if the email address of the member change, have to set deny or email address) If you can not send e-mail to members from this site
  • If you have this website operated properties similar share house, guest house or other lender without the permission of the owner or property, without saying the fact that unauthorized or against us
  • In addition, if you fail to comply with this Agreement
  • In addition, if the site is deemed unsuitable as a member

Article 5: Prohibited acts of user

Regarding the use of this Site, User shall not do the following:.

  • An act of exploitation for the purpose of illegal services offered on this site by the Company
  • The act of copyright infringement of a third party, right of publicity, or other intellectual property rights to other users
  • Infringe Puraibaishi, the discrimination and human rights to other users or third parties, defamatory, or threatening to
  • Political activity, campaign, religious activities
  • The act of damaging the honor and credit of the Company and damage the trust
  • Act to prevent the operation of this Site
  • (Unless we admit) An act of exploitation for commercial purposes
  • Offense against the law, and other laws and regulations, public policy, or action that may
  • Our other act is deemed inappropriate, improper

If the acts listed in the preceding paragraph, the Company or a third party caused the damage, I shall be solely responsible for all legal, the user does not cause damage to the Company and third parties.
Further, without prior notice, if it is determined reasonably Company, was subjected to acts user listed in the preceding two paragraphs, you shall be able to stop the use of the site.

Article 6: Temporary shutdown of the site

If applicable to each of the following items without prior notice to the user, we may do to stop the operation of temporary services provided on this site and this site.

  • If you make changes to the specification or maintenance of this site
  • If there is a risk of natural disasters and other emergencies occur, or occur, we will not be able to operate the Site and the various services
  • If the Company has determined that it is necessary to stop the temporary management of the services on this site and various unavoidable reasons

Article 7: Management and responsibility of the user and password ID,

A member can not be loaned or transferred to third parties, the user ID and password of the self, to use. If there is a theft of the password and user ID of the self, if you find that the user ID and password or are used by a third party, submit to the Site immediately, members are instructed from this site in some cases, it is assumed in accordance with this.

Article 8: Our Disclaimer

  • The Company assumes no obligation to investigate every situation, such as sales of the companies you contact through use of this website (. Referred to as "operators" below).
  • We, we do not guarantee that any accuracy, completeness or usefulness, etc. for information that was provided by the businesses listed on this site. Event, even if you have trouble or notice any user if the trouble is caused by reasons attributable to the Company, the Company does not assume any responsibility.
  • Congestion natural disasters, line, stop for maintenance or equipment failure, loss of information due to the end of the operator's participation to this site, delay, wrong shipment, due to tampering or leakage of information by third parties or for damage that occurred, except by reason attributable to the Company, the Company does not assume any responsibility. In addition, we are the same as in software due to the use of this site, but also of an accident or other damage on the hardware.
  • Other of the preceding paragraphs, any disputes between users and third parties arising from the use of this site, unless the dispute is caused by reasons attributable to the Company, the Company does not assume any responsibility.

Article 9: Changes to the Terms

  • We may be (. Well as including added or deleted. Below) precautions, such as changes in this Agreement and without prior notice to the user.
  • I considered this Agreement and such precautions that have been modified, it is assumed that after you have posted on this site, these users to access this site, you agree with the point that you used.

Article 10: Handling of personal information

Handling of Personal Information in this website shall be made by a separate privacy policy set forth.

Article 11: Governing Law and Jurisdiction

Governing law of this Agreement and the Japanese law, any dispute related to this Agreement, and the exclusive jurisdiction of the court of first instance the Tokyo Summary Court or the Tokyo District Court.