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Privacy Policy

Respect the privacy of (the "User") who wish to use the share share, Inc. Share Share, pay close attention to the management of personal information of the user (referred to as "Personal Information" below) shall be dealing with this.

Personal information

A personal information, we refer to those that can identify the user by name, description, etc. that personal information about a user, configure the information, address, phone number, email address, school name or other. Further, even if that information can not be identified only, it is included in the personal information that can be matched easily with other information, to identify an individual user as a result.

Purpose of Use of Personal Information

Purpose of use of personal information is as follows. It does not use beyond the purpose of use.

  • Services for members of an individual authentication and Membership Share Share
  • Contact and inform the delivery of various services associated with the use of
  • Apply based on the user's request for documents to the advertising companies and organizations (hereinafter referred to as "advertisers" below)
  • Who wish to participate to contact and booking various seminars and individual consultation
  • Temporary storage backup services due to the operation
  • Submission to contact winners and various surveys, etc. to the campaign, sending gift-reward
  • Submission and to contact the subject of the subject, such as in creating articles and interviews Monitor
  • E-mail newsletter to users have agreed separately, information distribution, etc. Various News
  • Users have agreed to interview us separately, contact questionnaire asked
  • Reply comments on share market share to Us

Information about the intended use of the real estate

Property information is provided by the advertiser, such as real estate companies, after processing so that it can not be personally identifiable in principle, we will use the following purposes. Published and distributed to the public, as well as the survey results tabulated and analyzed the data and based on the research and creation of statistical data (including surveys, such as the real estate registry) field survey of property information associated with advertising

Provision of Personal Information to Third Parties

As a general rule, we will not provide your personal information to third parties without the consent of the individual user. Only if we provide in helping you identify the contents and provide destination information provision, with the consent of the user. However, in the following cases, you may find that the range is not inconsistent with the applicable laws and regulations, to provide personal information without the consent of the user.

  • If it is determined that the user to exert a disadvantage to a third party
  • If in the case where there is a particular need for promoting the sound growth of children and the improvement of public health or, it is difficult to obtain the consent of the individual user
  • In cases where it is necessary to cooperate with a person who has been entrusted with the organization or public or local authority in the country to carry out the affairs prescribed by law, to interfere with the performance of its duties by obtaining the consent of the user If there is a risk of impact
  • If the agency has authority pursuant court, Public Prosecutor's Office, police, bar association, or to these consumer centers, were asked to disclose personal information
  • If you are asked to provide disclosure to a third party or the person in question explicitly from user
  • If the disclosure or provision is permitted by law
  • If you delegate some or all of the business handling personal information to the extent necessary to achieve the purposes
  • A If you want to provide personal information due to the succession of the business through merger or other reasons, if it is dealt with in the scope of the purpose of use of succession before

Disclaimer for the provision to third parties

In the following cases, with respect to the acquisition of personal information by a third party, the Company will not be responsible for any. In the case of (1), for the handling of personal information by the advertiser, please contact the respective companies and organizations.

  • If the user themselves, apply for this service at the request for documents etc., to reveal personal information to advertisers
  • If the information you enter in this service, I was in person can be identified by unexpectedly
  • If you have obtained information that a user other than the person in question is able to identify the individual user (ID, password, etc.) to
  • If it is also available there is provided a personal information from users in external sites that are linked from the Service

Outsourcing of personal information processing

We may outsource some or all of the work to deal with personal information. As for the handling of personal information in our contractors are responsible.

Use of the data is statistically processed

We may create statistical data based on the personal information you have received the offer, has been processed so that it can not be personally identifiable. For statistical data is not personally identifiable, it is assumed that we can use without any limitation.

Changes in personal information

Users can browse at any time the personal information you have registered in this service, correct, add or remove, stop use. In addition, it is assumed that it is possible to obtain a notice of "Purpose of Use of Personal Information", as long as the principal user in principle. For specific instructions, click here. However, if there is a risk of harm to the rights and interests life of a third party person or user, body, and other property, if there is a risk that significantly hinder the proper implementation of the Service, and that the violation of other laws and regulations when the ring, according to the disclosure may not. In addition, even if it is difficult to make use of the other stop, etc. If it takes a lot of money to stop offering to third parties, suspension of use of personal information (the "Suspension of Use") when to take the necessary measures to be in place of this, it may not stop depending on, for example, use to protect the rights and interests of the user.

Accuracy of personal information

We will endeavor to process data accurately personal information you provide to us. Provided, however, that the contents of the personal information you provide to us is accurate and up-to-date, we assumed that the user is responsible.

Management of personal information

In order to prevent the loss of personal information under its management, misuse, alteration, the Company, we are committed to the implementation of appropriate security measures. Personal information is stored in a secure environment under general users can not access.

For identification

If a member or a registered user of Web services is to make use of the service, such as when the disclosure of personal information, correction, at the request of the suspension deleted, or personally identifiable information (name, address, company, phone number, date of birth, e-mail address, account number, etc.) password, I will verify your identity. However, if you use to obtain information that can identify an individual person other than the Company is not responsible.

For the acquisition and use of information and behavioral history attribute that does not personally identify you

For protection of the privacy of the user, improved convenience, delivery of advertising, and the acquisition of statistical data, we will use the Cookie. In addition, the Company, individuals also by attribute information individuals age and gender, occupation, and residential areas can not be identified out of the information by using technologies such as JavaScript and Cookie, you provide to us, such as during membership registration combined (may get URL history and behavior) are those that can not be identified, the user is in the site (access, content, etc.) reference sequence. However, the history and behavioral Cookie does not contain any personal information.