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About us

What is Share-Share?
Our website ,Share-Share, is a shared property search site to enhance your life by helping you search shared residence such as guest house, share house or shared rooms.
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Are you a real estate company?
No, we aren't, so please contact each real estate company about each listed property. We also do not introduce any property.
Are there mobile pages on your site?
There aren't.

About properties

I contacted the property listed in your site, but said it was not avaiable.
If you find property information that is different from the fact or misleading, please inform us about it. After ocnfirming the facts, we will notice to the real estate company on your behalf.
However please note that, for damages of any kinds, we can not assume any responsibility. Especially in a contract, please receive a full explanation from a real estate company and contract at your own risk.
Even though the query, I do not have answers?
We ask for real estate companies listd on our website to reply within 3 working days to queries. If there is no answer to 3 business days after, please contact to the company or contact us (info@share-share.jp).
I entered the wrong email address in the contact form. How do I do I?
Because the inquiry from WEB is sent to reporting real estate company immediately in E-MAIL; addition cannot correct it.
It is trouble, but I input a right e-mail address, and, please make an inquiry from WEB form again.
Because I have the voice to come back by an error because an e-mail address is wrong even if I get an inquiry from real estate company with much effort, I hope that I have you fill it out exactly.

About Membership

What can I do when registering?
What input the information necessary to refer, and to do it such as the unexpectedly later names or addresses in search of a favorite share house is not troublesome; or ?
I only push the button even if I do not input a troublesome inquiry form and, in the share share, can easily do an inquiry by making a sign-in.
In addition, it is varied to profit when I can subscribe to the advantageous e-mail magazine about the article.
Are registration and use free in your website?
Yes, they are. you can sign up and use our website for free.
What do I do for sign-up?
Enter the register form and send your information.
Can I change my registered mail address?
Yes, you can. After sign-in, please click "Change your profile" and change your email address.
An error was displayed and I couldn't finish sign-up.
The error says in which item it has occurred, so please check its message and correct the value of the item. Still if the situation does not change, a network error, some environments, or a variety of other causes are possile. Will you please try again a little later? Thank you for your cooperation.。
Any mail does not reach.
Please make sure you can receive a mail from "@share-share.jp", and check if there are any mail delivered to your junk e-mail folder.
Some e-mails are automatically sent from our website application, so they can not be sent again. Please contact us , and if necessary, we deleted your registered data and please sign up again.
Is it possible that my personal information leaks?
We consider one of the most important the management of your personal information. We will keep your registered information securely.
For more information, please read the privacy policy
What do I do for withdrawal?
Click here to withdraw.