Share Share celebrated its second anniversary thank you!

  • We will help you find a shared house.

    Share Share is the property search site and guest houses share house.
    You can find easily in a share house that was in the condition of you.
    Please call to share share Secretariat if there is that you do not know.
    I will help find your share house.

    Business Hours 10:00-21:00

  • Moving money gift gift

    The share share, one people as possible because I want people to know the goodness of the share house to a lot of people, I have a present for those who move was decided to move cash contribution in share share.
    Share to share the Secretariat for more information.
    ※That can not be money gift gifts by Share House Listings are also available.

  • I want to share the culture house.

    It is not Owarase remains boom boom say the share house,
    In order to culture, we will recommend to you a share house.
    Of "be nice if there is such a share house"
    Please contact us to share share if desired!